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Project Description

Privoxy is a free proxy program that has the option to filter URLs and even the content that it receives, based on some configuration rules. AdBlockPlus is a Chrome and Firefox extension that removes ads and annoying bits of the pages you are visiting based on a filter file. The most used AdBlockPlus filter file is EasyList.

This program attempts to convert the EasyList file to action and filter files for Privoxy. This way, all requests can be filtered before they reach your browser, meaning the protection against advertising extends to browsers like Internet Explorer or mobile/tablet browsers or whatever program uses the Internet and displays HTML content.


The content filtering in Privoxy is done by matching regular expressions in the content. The filter file made from EasyList is huge and the performance issues quite severe. Also, regular expressions cannot save you from popups created from Javascript or some of the more dynamic aspects of web pages. The url filtering, though, it much more performant and it ensures you do not get to download content and script files from undesirable locations. So if you have performance issues or if the pages that you use get garbled by some bad content filter, just use the user.action file and you should be OK.

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